West Texas Angel Network is an organization that introduces entrepreneurs to qualified investors in the Amarillo area.

How It Works

Is Angel investment right for you? Read more and find out.

Your Project

If your project has the potential to grow quickly and scale up into a reasonably large and profitable business within a few years, it may be a good fit for Angel investment. A realistic starting valuation is one of the keys to attracting any investment structured as equity.

Our Investors

Angel investors are individuals who invest their own money in the early stages of a business, usually in exchange for an equity interest or convertible debt that can later be turned into equity. Our Angels are successful business people, but they are not bankers or venture capitalists.

The Process

WTAN introduces entrepreneurs to Angel investors through a managed process that protects and benefits all parties. If you are interested in applying to our group for funding, read through this site to get a feel for what you should expect.

Things You'll Want to Know

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The Investment Process

We take this seriously and so should you.

The better your understanding of the process, the more likely you are to get funded.


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Basic Concepts of Angel Investing

A 34 minute video of the solicitation meeting for West Texas Angel Network

Latest Investments

We invest in deals on a regular basis - here are some of our latest.


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